Reddit + Amazon Affiliate Case Study

Back in 2015 I was experimenting with a way to drive traffic from Reddit to one of my affiliate websites. If you’re familiar with Reddit you know the users are savage when it comes to marketing, they hate it with a passion. It’s not like you can just hop onto your chosen subreddit and send a link to your site. You need to disguise it good and make sure that you actually provide value to the readers. This was a fun test just to see if it actually was possible to achieve something that would scale and make me money in the long run. If you want to know the results I suggest you keep reading…

The setup

I used a basic WordPress site with a magazine theme installed, focused on tech and gadgets. Important step here was to make site look legit, I hired someone from Fiverr to create a professional logo and spent some time making everything look clean. I took inspiration from sites like Verge, Engadget and so on. When I was happy with how the website looked I filled it up with content. This was pretty easy since I just rewrote old articles from different tech websites and posted to my website. This made it look like the website had been up for some time and also had legit news. Rewriting all these article made me realize that even the big tech sites do the same thing, I found several articles that pretty much read the same way but was phrased differently.

The content

Since Reddit is mostly about news, the article I was going to post had to be fresh, I couldn’t just link an article about some old phone and expect people to like it. I jumped onto Google News and searched for the latest news about cool gadgets. I found several interesting articles from credible sites, but I be careful with what I chose. Why? Because I was going to monetize the article with Amazon Affiliates. So if the article was talking about futuristic flying cars, it would be kind of hard for me to link anything remotely similar on Amazon. Luckily I found an article talking about a new phone from LG that came with a VR headset. At that time, VR was still relatively unheard of so this was perfect.

I rewrote the article in my own words, added a link to the previous version of the phone, threw in some images and I was done. I could now move onto the next step, posting it on Reddit.

Posting to Reddit

Reddit is tricky, you have to find the correct subreddit and also make sure your account looks legit. This wasn’t a problem for me since I had an account with plenty of karma since many years back. I posted it to a subreddit that had tons of users and was very closely related to phones. I made sure to check how other users wrote their titles, if they went for something clickbaity or not. In this case I just used the title of the post which worked really well.

But that is only half the work, now you need to boost your Reddit post somehow. You are competing against many other users on Reddit that are doing the same thing as you, having a good title is not enough these days. What I did was to use a secret group that upvoted Reddit posts. The idea behind the group was simple, you submitted your post, other people upvoted it and you did the same thing back. As soon as I published my article I requested some upvotes from this lovely group.

An hour into my post I had around 50 upvotes, which was just enough to get it into the trending section of that specific subreddit. From there on the regular users took over and started upvoting it. It was a success, I had written content that provided value to the users and they rewarded me with upvotes.

The aftermath

When I woke up the next day to check my analytics I was shocked, around 30,000 people had visited my website in less than 24 hours. I was excited and happy to know that my experiment was working just like I imagined. Viral traffic straight to my site where I had an affiliate link to Amazon. I kept experimenting with this over the next few days and found a working formula which resulted in some really nice profits with minimal effort. The good thing about Amazon is that you can literally buy anything from there, even food. And it’s highly converting, so even if a user isn’t in the mood for shopping, Amazon might have just enough power to convince them otherwise.

Traffic proof:

As you can see, my best post resulted in over 100K sessions to my website. Reddit is known for crashing website due to all the traffic, luckily my host could handle everything. So if you were to try this yourself, make sure you can handle lots of traffic in a short period of time.

Amazon proof:

And here’s the result for that month, now remember that was only from 4 posts alone. Sadly I have lost the image for the revenue and Amazon doesn’t let me check my history past 2016, but it was close to $600. It doesn’t sound like much, but you have to keep in mind that $600 was generated from 4 posts alone. I know you’re probably thinking there would be more money involved, but you have to realize that most people won’t buy anything expensive, resulting in lower earnings.

Final words

So did I continue with Reddit marketing like this? Nope, even though it netted me a decent profit the amount of work it required was too much for me. I was out to create a passive source of income, this was the total opposite. With that said however, it is possible to automate this somewhat and scale it to bigger levels, it will require some costs though.

Hire a virtual assistant from Fiverr, have him or her rewrite one or two articles each day. This shouldn’t cost much at all, if you find the right one you can probably get two articles rewritten for $5 a day. Now the most boring part is out of the way and the only thing you have to do is to post the articles onto Reddit and use the upvote groups, something that takes no more than 10 minutes.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments down below.